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TGC集团主要提供全方位的寿险理财规划, 同时我们也希望能够协助更多的年轻人实现他们的梦想。

TGC Agency is providing a total solution of life insurance and financial planning to individuals and families. We are helping everyone to achieve their dreams. ( Ideal life )

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Gen Y Agency

本集团也善于栽培有梦想的GEN Y年轻人在寿险理财也成功立足, 至今已成功栽培了无数的年轻寿险顾问实现了他/他们的梦想。

TGC Agency is experienced in educating and training young generation (GEN-Y) to achieve their dreams.

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Great Life Builder

TGC 集团让你认识自己的人生, 迈进你自己的梦想人生。为自己的将来做好准备, 为自己的梦想而奋斗。

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